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Jaat status in English

No If No But only JAAT

With A Cool Attitude

Everyone Fears Yamraj,
Yamraj Is Only Afraid Of JAAT

All the Rules are made..
to be break.

We are JAAT
We broke Bones not heart

Life Is Too Short.
Don’t west 'dispute with Jaat'.

On The Bad Guys,
The Jaat Touches And Jaat Hits.

Jaat Look Silent From Outside,
But They Keep The Storm Inside

Son, Who Is Stuck In Front Of
After Talking Jat

Jaat  Our Status Is Not Out Of
Our Loud Looks By Enemy Noise.

Jaat Style And Banna’s
Looks Is Good And Fearful

We are JAAT,
Always our drug is widely Available.

We Jaat
Do Not Punish The Enemies,
They Just Drop By Sight.

Never Fall Jaat
Never Fall Jaat  Pride
But In The Fall Of Jaat
People Have Fallen Many Times

Jaat status Photos

Jaat status in english

Jaat status english

Jaat status in english photos

Jaat status photo

Jaat attitude status in english

Jaat Attitude status in English

The goal is not to be rich ,
the Goal is to be legend.

My circle is small because
i’m into quality not quantity!

Jaat is a puzzle,
which u can’t solve

If You Are Bad,
I’m Your Dad…!

Don’t be a slave in heaven.
Be a king of hell.

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Jai Hind